"I love his runs! ..."

                                                             - Beyonce

Lafayette Reed is a singer songwriter, actor and producer.
Lafayette roots date back to the age of four, when he began singing in church. By age ten, Lafayette was known as "the little man with the big voice". At nineteen, Lafayette was touring with R&B bands ETC and Royal Court. Prolific in playing keyboards, guitar, drums, percussion and organ, this self-taught musician studied music Theory and Business Administration at Iowa Western College. He has written songs for  such artists as Bobby Brown, Ollie Woodson(Formally of the Temptations), and Old Skool.
Lafayette has toured forty-seven states and five countries around the world. Lafayette's velvety-smooth vocal prowess has earned him Accolades such as the Key to the city of Omaha, Nebraska, presented by George Bush, a former president of the United States. The first album "I'm Ready" has made a new beginning for Lafayette and his many talents. Lafayette has been residing in Atlanta, Georgia for years and he went to city of Omaha to record and produced "Tracing My Roots" and "Born To Sing". Lafayette is now living in Hollywood, California. The album "2020A.D." was his first album since Lafayette moved down to Hollywood. Lafayette released a single "Wishing On A Star" which is high tempo version of his original song "Wish On A Star" off of  "2020A.D.". In 2015, Lafayette released another single "Fly Away" off of "2020A.D." which talks about people's death which everybody and himself as well experienced the most difficult times in life.
Lafayette also shines his talent in acting skills. Lafayette has toured with Gospel production plays "Sugar Daddy" with Ralph Trevant from New Edition, Ollie Woodson from The Temptations, Bern Nadette Stanis from "Good Times", Carl Anthony Payne II from TV show "Martin", produced by Michael Mathew,  and "Why Do Good Girls Date Bad Guys" produced by Lizzie Berry. Lafayette has appeared on commercials "Prudential Insurance" with Tiger Woods and most recently "Febreze". Lafayette also appears on films and TV shows. Lafayette's Journey will never stop.